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Monday, March 15, 2010

May Your Blades Never Dull - The Sindragosa Encounter

We have made some progress on the path to the Lich King. My guild, Death’s Advocate on the Tanaris realm, is now battling Sindragosa, the final boss before old LK himself.

Sindragosa is a skeletal dragon like Chillmaw only slightly bigger. She has Frost Breath and Cleave in the front and a tail swipe in the rear, so everyone except the main tank must stand to her side.

Phase 1
During phase one she alternates between a ground phase and an air phase. The ground phase includes a raid-wide area affect called Frost Aura that causes 4,500 frost damage to ‘nearby targets’ every 3 seconds. Then she will use Icy Grip to pull everyone in to her. Immediately afterwards she will perform a Blistering Cold spell from which you must run. So if you get pulled in, be sure to run back out very quickly or suffer up to 35,000 points of damage. Also during the ground phase, she will pick one healer and one ranged dps and put an arcane malediction on them called Unchained Magic. While this de-buff is active, each time the caster uses a spell, an additional de-buff called Instability will be applied. When Instability stacks to about 4 or 5 applications, it is advised to stop casting for 5 secs to allow it to fall off. At which time the caster will take around 2000 points of damage per stack. Instability will start stacking again if Unchained Magic is still active (30 seconds). (There is another de-buff called Permeating Chill that affects melee targets in a similar manner. See wowwiki.com)
During the phase one air phase Sindragosa will fly up and mark two random people with Frost Beacon, a blue arrow over their heads. These two people will become frozen Ice Tombs and anyone who is within 10 yards of them will also become frozen and take damage. The two with marks should position themselves at the bottom of the stairs 10 yards away from each other. Then when the turn to ice blocks everyone else should hide behind them to avoid getting hit by the Frost Bombs that Sindragosa first at random places on the ground. You must place yourself so that the Ice Tomb is exactly between yourself and the spot on the ground where the Frost Bomb will land. The Ice Tombs must be beaten down to remove the two entombed party members. They have 450,000 hit points so they must be taken down quickly, but not before Sindragosa has landed her fourth Frost Bomb.
Phase 2
The ground phase and air phase alternate until Sindragosa reaches 35% health. At this point she becomes permanently grounded and all previous abilities continue including freezing random raid members. An additional ability is added to this phase is Mystic Buffet which stacks with itself every 6 seconds and increases damage done by 10% per stack. This de-buff can be removed by hiding from Sindragosa behind a Frozen Tomb until the de-buff falls off.
My group has been able to get to Phase 2 consistently, but we haven’t been able to finish her off. I think we will need to get to phase 2 faster than we have been. I’ve read that you should have her to phase 2 before she goes into air phase a third time. We are very close to that, so I hope to be on to the Lich King encounter by this time next week.

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